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PR Bundles for Crypto Experts

Save $100 on your first order.
Tell your company's story, and gain the brand awareness you need to attract the right opportunities in the industry with our Web 3.0 / Crypto Press Packages. Choose from three crypto PR options with specifically pre-selected publications. 

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    Services include:

    • All writing is included. Our team will work with you and the editors to put together unique articles for each publication. You will review the draft prior to publishing. One round of changes per publication is included. 
    • Get published in the specified press or your money back.* See publications below.

    Timeline to completion: 6 - 12 weeks, depending on the bundle chosen.

      Bundle #1Bundle #2Bundle #3

      Bundle #1

      • ZyCrypto
      • Crypto News
      • Cryptonomist
      • LA Weekly
      • NewsBTC or Bitcoinist

      Bundle #2

      • ZyCrypto
      • Crypto News
      • Cryptonomist
      • LA Weekly
      • NewsBTC or Bitcoinist
      • IB Times (NA)

      Bundle #3

      • ZyCrypto
      • Crypto News
      • Cryptonomist
      • LA Weekly
      • NewsBTC or Bitcoinist
      • IB Times (NA)
      • Bitcoin. com
      • Entrepreneur Aisa Pacific
      • Coindesk
      1. Once you order the package, you will receive an email confirming your order.

      2. Once your payment clears, you will automatically receive a questionnaire to complete. (Look out for it in your email!) Be as detailed as possible in your answers as this will allow us to pre-pitch you to the publications you've selected.

      3. Upon receipt of your answers, you will receive confirmation and our team will craft and distribute your pitch to the publications you've selected. 

      4. You will receive your drafts for approved publications as they are completed and will have 5 business days* to review each draft. One round of revisions is included.

      5. Once you sign off on the final draft, the publishing process will begin!

      Questions? Chat with us now.

      Time is of the essence. As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we begin to identify relevant publications for your story. If you do not review your drafts in a timely manner, the publication we initially intend to publish you in may no longer be available. 

      Publishing:*Once published, no changes are allowed. If the article is not published in a publication within the specified time + 20 business days, you will receive a refund or credit for that publication. Refund vs. credit depends on the publication.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Still have questions? Chat us now.

      How does press help my brand?

      In addition to increasing brand awareness for your brand or product, digital press can also have search engine optimization benefits. Being featured in top-tier publications also gives your brand social proof.
      Why do I have to pay to get press?
      While you can get earned or "free" press for your brand or product, it takes time, effort and connections. Alternatively, you can pay a public relations company a monthly retainer (avg. $9,000/mo) to build the connections for you and possibly get you featured. getclout has already built out the connections with publications looking to feature brands like yours. Our team has streamlined the approval process, which is why we have 100% placement guarantee or your money back.
      How is getclout different from other PR companies?
      In a few ways! Traditional public relations (PR) companies work on monthly retainer to make connections for your brand and insert it into publications where appropriate, without a guarantee of placement. If you are a fast-paced company or don't have the budget for a no-guarantee approach, getclout is for you.

      getclout is the new way to boost brand awareness and build credibility through press and other digital-age avenues such as profile verifications. We make getting the word out about your brand, product, NFT project, or achievement easy and streamlined. Rather than charging a monthly retainer without guarantee, getclout charges for guaranteed placement - or your money back.