4 Reasons Getting Media Coverage is Essential for Your Business or Brand

and how to get the right media for you

JANUARY 22, 2023


First, let's define "media coverage."

Media coverage refers to the stories, news articles, and other content produced by members of the media about your brand. It can include any type of written or verbal material broadcast through newspapers, television shows, websites, blogs, etc. Media coverage is an important tool that businesses use to raise awareness for their products or services and establish credibility in their industry.

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  • Data continues to show strong correlation between growth in sales and investment in a consistent brand awareness strategy that focuses on public relations, specifically digital media.

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How can getting media coverage help your brand?

When it comes to promoting your business or organization, media coverage is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. Whether it’s through a newspaper article, radio interview, or television feature, media coverage can provide invaluable exposure for any company or cause. Here are some key benefits of getting media coverage and why it should be an essential part of your marketing strategy:

1. Increase Visibility

The more people know about you and what you do, the better; with the help of media outlets such as newspapers and TV shows, you can reach out to wider audiences than ever before. This increased visibility will also help create awareness for your brand or mission in new places that may not have been possible without this kind of support. 

2. Solidify Credibility & Authority

Why do companies like Coca-Cola never stop marketing? Because successful brands know from experience that establishing authority and brand awareness is a never-ending journal.

If you're thinking, "Coca-Cola gets media coverage all the time because they are a big company. Big companies don't have to pay for media!" Then you would be (quite) wrong.

As you can see below, not only do large brands like CVS pay to be in featured in the media, they participate in paid content. 


...not only do large brands like CVS pay to be in featured in the media, they participate in paid content.


Banks, skincare brands, physicians, politicians and local businesses all participate in getting media coverage because they understand that it's a key piece of building brand awareness, and staying ahead of their competition.

Tell your brand's story, and gain the brand awareness you need to attract the right opportunities. Choose from three bundles with specifically-selected publications in which to feature your brand. This package is ideal for professionals in aesthetics, wellness brands, skincare products and more.
If you're not sure which bundle is ideal for you, chat us!

    Services include:

    • All writing is included. Our team will work with you and the editors to put together unique articles for each publication. You will review the draft prior to publishing. One round of changes per publication is included. 
    • Guaranteed publishing in the specified press or your money back.*

    Timeline to completion: 4 - 12 weeks, depending on the bundle chosen.

    3. Creating Future Opportunities

    Having your brand featured in a major publication often opens up additional opportunities both within that particular outlet and beyond.

    While some of those opportunities happen organically - such as when we got our client a full feature in Forbes and a reader invited her to guest on their podcast - others happen when your savvy PR team uses the media features you received to leverage bigger opportunities in other publications.

    When sending a pitch, the getclout team builds a "case" for each one, including relevant features the client had gotten previously. By seeing that the client has been featured in significant publications on relevant topics, editors are more likely to feature them. This is especially important for full feature articles. 

    4. SEO Boost From High DA Media Features

    Having your brand, business or organization featured in digital press with high domain authority (DA) provides several benefits:
    • Backlinks: A big part of any successful SEO strategy is building high-quality backlinks. The higher the domain authority and the lower the spam score of the site, the better the backlink is for your SEO efforts. Keep in mind that "no-follow" backlinks will not help with this. While many top-tier press will not include a do-follow backlink, it should always be part of your strategy to ask! getclout has been successful with getting do-follow backlinks for our clients in major publications like Byrdie, which has helped our clients' sites increase their domain authority as well! To find out more about how to make backlinks part of your media strategy, contact us via chat today.
    • Google Indexing: Showing up on Google Search and/or Google News should also be considered when putting together your media coverage strategy. When people are searching your or your brand's name, are they finding you easily? Are there people or brands with similar names that can create brand confusion? If so, you will need to consider specific types of digital press to separate your brand and establish your digital real estate. The first page of Google should be all you! Also, keep in mind that it's not only where you show up that matters, but how you show up. For example, if one of your goals is to get verified on Instagram, you will need to have at least several of the articles to be full features about you. 


    Are there people or brands with similar names that can create brand confusion? If so, you will need to consider specific types of digital press to separate your brand and establish your digital real estate.



    Improve your brand's visibility with full features in publications that move the needle.

    Unlike backlinking services, which strictly focus on do-follow links, our search ranking packages focus on three components: 

    1. High Domain Authority
    2. Do-Follow Links
    3. Google Indexing

    Services include:

    • 5 unique articles created by our editorial team to be approved by you.
    • Upon your approval, our publishing team works on getting the articles into top-ranking publications that best suit your industry.
    • Once the article is live, we provide you with the live link, UMV and analysis of the article ranking.

    Timeline to completion: 6 - 8 weeks.

    Acquiring effective press coverage requires careful planning but its rewards grow exponentially. From improved credibility to potential brand partnerships and continued increase in sales often creates a cumulative snowball effect. However, getting media coverage for your organization must start with a strategy that considers all aspects of marketing: brand awareness, SEO effect and consumer psychology. Chat us today to schedule a 20-minute strategy call.