How to Get Your Product Featured in Vogue 2023

and other high tier publications

JANUARY 1, 2023


If you own a skincare, makeup, wellness or beauty brand, getting featured in Vogue is likely on top of your list of 2023 PR goals. But how do you get it done? And once you get there, how do you squeeze the juice out of your coveted feature?

In this article, we will share three methods - and their pros and cons - of getting your product featured in Vogue and other top-tier media like, GQ, WWD and more.

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1. Hire a Traditional PR Agency

First, what is a "traditional PR agency"? Public Relations (PR) has changed dramatically over time and if you're looking to hire a PR agency for your brand, it's important to know which company is the right fit for you. 

A traditional PR agency charges a monthly retainer to pitch your product, service or brand to the media.


  • The right PR agency will keep your brand consistently in front of the ideal editors, including that of Vogue. 
  • Effective PR agencies are consistently building relationships with new editors for various clients. If your PR agency focuses on your industry, this is helpful to getting you into higher tier media.


  • Traditional PR agencies do not guarantee features. They can't because from their perspective, they don't know which editors will pick up which story or brand and pitching takes a lot of work! Traditional PR agencies get paid a monthly retainer to pitch your brand to the media, not to guarantee results.
  • Editors are constantly getting pitched by various brands, and they are also regularly moving from one media outlet to another - as is the staff at your PR company. 
  • Getting a feature in a top-tier publication like Vogue will typically take longer, especially for newer brands. While you can get lucky, editors in top-tier publications will want to include brands that are already being talked about. And if you wish to get a full feature in Vogue through a traditional PR agency, it will take the perfect storm of relationships, strong list of previous press, great timing and a solid pitch.
  • You likely won't get to tell the story you want to tell. Traditional PR companies work to get you included in stories that are already hot, not the ones that may make a difference for your business.

Some Public Relations firms may also offer reputation management and crisis management. These can be valuable services for companies that are in highly-regulated industries such as finance.


Traditional PR agencies get paid a monthly retainer to pitch your brand to the media, not to guarantee results.


2. Hire a Results-Driven PR Firm Offering Guaranteed Press

Public relations is an investment, averaging nationally at $8,500/mo. With a traditional PR company, the first 14 - 30 days is typically spent on warming up the gears and setting up a strategy. Without any guarantees, that monthly retainer doesn't seem appealing. 

A results-driven PR firm can offer guaranteed placements.

First, it's important to know that there are two types of "guaranteed press" providers:

1.  A paid press provider that offers "sponsored" press and Press Release distribution can help you get quick business announcements into Press Release outlets or other sponsored media. However, they may not be the ideal choice for brands that want a PR partner to secure strategic placements, leverage press, and integrate PR into other marketing efforts

2.  A results-driven PR firm, like getclout agency, offers an integrative approach to media acquisition with guaranteed placements in multiple tiers of media. Such firms will offer cohesive brand awareness solutions that may include digital billboards, podcast and TV bookings, and more. Because we believe in delivering results, getclout offers guaranteed placement in 240+ digital publications. If we cannot publish your brand in an agreed-upon publication, you get a refund minus a small fee. 


  • Instead of spending money on pitches, you can benefit from for guaranteed placements.
  • At getclout, we focus on landing you full feature articles in digital publications, not just mentions. 
  • PR firms with an integrative approach "squeeze the juice" out of each media feature. For example, getclout focuses on getting do-follow links into publications where possible, helping our clients SEO as well.
  • If you have a specific digital publication on your hit-list, an agency offering guaranteed press has a higher chance of getting it for you and for less than a traditional PR company. 


  • Agencies offering guaranteed press typically work with a set list of publications and will not pitch your brand to editors and reporters. As part of our integrative approach, getclout combines guaranteed full feature articles with ongoing editor pitching for wellness and beauty products.
  • Not every PR firm that offers guaranteed press will offer strategic brand awareness or can advise you on which publications will get you the exposure you need. Part of a three-agency family, getclout understands the inner workings of digital media and marketing, including what it takes to show up on Google News, Apple News, get good SEO and acquire profile verifications. 


Instead of spending money on pitches, you can benefit from for guaranteed placements.



Improve your brand's visibility with full features in publications that move the needle.

Unlike backlinking services, which strictly focus on do-follow links, our search ranking packages focus on three components: 

  1. High Domain Authority
  2. Do-Follow Links
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Services include:

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Timeline to completion: 6 - 8 weeks.